AdMob – Mediation for Facebook & StartApp

This module enables support for AdMob mediation, with Facebook audience network & StartApp

The module will add two new options to the AdMob settings, and will let you take advantage of the AdMob mediation.

With the Mediation you will be able to cascade multiple Ad networks, and in consequence to fill more Ad requests.


Like AdMob, Facebook audience & StartApp ( must be configured individually for every application that requires Ads

Facebook Mediation

StartApp (

Basic integration steps

AdMob Console

  1. Create new or edit existing Mediation Group, then click ADD CUSTOM EVENT

  1. Fill the fields Label and Manual eCPM, then click CONTINUE

  1. Fill the fields Class Name and Parameter, then click DONE.
Class Name : com.startapp.mediation.admob.StartappAdapter
Parameter  : { startappAppId : 'YOUR_APP_ID' }

  1. Make sure new item is appeared in your group, then click SAVE



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