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The Club Card module will allow you to launch an airline style club card. This module will help you work long-term loyalty and should be used together with the Progressive Loyaltymodule which was created to focus on short-term loyalty. With the Club Cardmodule, you’ll be able to differentiate your clients based on the loyalty card points they accumulate during their lifetime. Whereas the loyalty card modules will only account for the points of that specific card, the Club Card module will take into its calculations all the points accumulated in all the loyalty cards the user has ever had. This module is compatible with both the default Zero Code’s Loyalty Card and the Progressive Loyalty module.


The setup of the Club CardModule requires little configuration. Please follow the steps below in order to properly configure your module.

Defining club card levels

The first step is to decide how you’re going to name your levels. By default, the levels are named Silver, Gold and Platinum but you should adapt this to something that is relevant to your business. You should also decide which color to associate with each level and upload the corresponding icons. Make sure that club level names, the colors and the icons reinforce your loyalty program. The background colors selected will be reflected as background of the card as the user progresses through the different levels.

Club Card level thresholds

Once you’ve named the levels, you should decide what is the privileges that the users have by having achieved a certain level. All users start-out as regular members and, as they accumulate points on the loyalty card, they’ll be reflected on the Club Card module and the appropriate club level with beshown. At this point you should also decide the number of points that the user needs to achieve this level. The different thresholds should be configured for each level. Please be aware that any changes that you make to the club levels will be immediatelydisplayed on the App. If you don’t want to display a club level to the users, you can deactivate it.


The last step is to set default options. You’ll need to define which loyalty card to use, if the default Siberian loyalty card or the Progressive LoyaltyCard.On this page you can also add Terms & Conditions for this program and upload a cover image. We suggest you upload a transparent PNG as the background color of the card will change as the user progresses throughthe different club levels. In case a cover image is not uploaded, the design will be readjusted to accommodatefor that.


Should you want to add a backgroundimage, you can do it from this page. However, we discouragedoing this since the background color of the card will change according to the user’s current club level. If you upload a background image, that will no longer work.

User Frontend Interface

Below you can find the user frontend interface screens. As you can see, the background color changes according to theclub cardlevel the user has achieved.

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