SMS module

The SMS Module allow you extend the capabilities of your app by adding SMS functionalities. The SMS Gateway module will allow you to send SMS messages directly from the editor.
This means that you can send personalized bulk SMS messages or individual SMS messages to your list of contacts. Use it for your marketing campaigns as an alternative or complement to push notifications in order to maximize your campaign effectiveness.

The SMS module is powered by BulkGate, you’ll need to create an account with them in order to send the SMS messages. See their pricing in order to know how much you will pay for messaging services in every country.


Send personalized SMS messages to your contacts.
Send personalized bulk SMS to groups or contact list.
Send SMS messages with a short code, system number, your own number or introduce yourself as a company with a text sender
Check credit balance BulkGate
Limit the countries to which you can send SMS
Access to the history of sent SMS messages

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