How to enable Firebase for Android apps (for publication and push notifications)?

If you have the message “Firebase is not yet configured, please contact your Administrator”, please follow this documentation

Go on

Login to your Firebase account.

  • Create a new project
  • Create a new Android App, with package name “package.placeholder” and app name “Platform Wide App”
    • Note: it’s mandatory that you set the package name to package.placeholder otherwise the automatic configuration will not work.
  • When done, You can download the file “google-services.json” then close the modal, the following steps are not required.
  • Now open your project settings, then load the tab “Cloud Messaging” you’ll find your “Server Key” and “Sender ID”
  • You can paste them in your Back-Office page “Settings > Push > Configuration” under the section “Firebase Cloud Messaging”

Watch the Video steps:

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