How To create a DropBox App Key

Go to Below Site

1. Choose an API
Scoped access

2. Select either “App folder” or “Full dropbox”

  • Note: we recommend App folder for security & better separation if you are going to use a single dropbox account for multiple apps, but you will have to create a single “DropboxApp” for every app then.

3. Name your app

  • Try to name it according to your “Siberian app” to easily identify it when required

2. In permissions tab

Check “” & “”

Then save


3. In branding tab, fill all required information & add Icons

4. Add new folder and Files to DropBox -> Apps -> App Name folder

Create new folder at dropbox side in DropBox -> Apps -> App Name folder

5. Get App Key and Secret key

You will find App key and App Secret in Settings Tab.

Use this key in module and authentic the module.

6. Save Secret code

Once you save secret code select default root folder, then keep uploading the files in dropbox folder and nothing to be done at editor side.

Note: Same secret code can’t be used multiple times. You need to authenticate again to generate new one if you have used secret code once.

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