How do I resize the icons on my app’s Home Page?

Use the code below to change the icon size of icons on your app’s Home Page.

1) Log into your App Manager and select your app.

2) Click Colors from the left-hand-side of the screen (or the middle of the screen).

3) Scroll down to the Advanced SCSS box.  If there is already code in the box do not delete it!  Simply add this code “below” the last character of code in the box.

/** Begin home page icon resize*/
.homepage .layout li img {
height: 30px;
width: 30px;
margin-top: 20%;
/** Endhome page icon resize*/

4) Click Save.

NOTE: The “height” & “width” are the sizes of your icons or images. The “margin-top” is the variable to adjust the position of the icon. It is better to use a percentage in order to have a responsive design.

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